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Circles of McPherson County
1200 E. Kansas Ave.
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Circles of McPherson County
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In order to get out of poverty, people need both education and social capital (people who can offer information, contact, and support). Circles connects people in relationships across income lines and helps develop clear goals for education and stable income. Circles also focuses on supporting families to help themselves completely out of poverty.

Circles of McPherson County works with McPherson County families living in poverty and are ready to make the changes in their lives to become more stable and self-sufficient. Circles creates a framework for people to build relationships across economic and class lines in order to transform lives.

Circles is a high impact strategy that will change the mindset of the community so that it wants to end poverty and empower people in poverty to help solve community problems while transitioning out of poverty themselves. Through Circles, everyone in the community can find reasons, relationships and the resources to not only survive, but to thrive!

Circles meets every Thursday evening at First United Methodist Church, 1200 East Kansas, McPherson.

Our office hours are:8:00 a.m. - 4:00, Monday through Thursday. Or by appointment.


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